Thursday, October 29, 2015

My Letter To John Key

Dear John key,

I am very disturbed with a horrific sight of plastic devouring New Zealand, Rm 11 humbly ask that you reduce the usage of unnecary plastic, here are some reasons that might convince you.

People are dumping plastic bottles, plastic bags, and much much more! Marine animals are dieing slowley because of all the plastic that gets littered on the beachand caught by the ocean and animals mistaking it for food.

Secondly, I don't think some plastic items are neccary in use. plastic bags we could replace with a reusable appropriate shopping bag, plastic water we could star reusing more of them, I have many more ideas that would help with this cause but I'm afraid that if I carry on this short letter will turn in to a novel!

As I said before I am very, very sad seeing plastic spreading and spreading, I really hope the letters from room 11 have convinced you to reduce the usage of plastic in New zealand. 

Please help by picking up any plastic you see :) Thankyou for your time,

Sincerely from, 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Would you roar back? Mmmm mabe not...

                  Would You Roar Back?

                                                              Kiwi Kid News 
If a bear roared at you, would you roar back? A man called Ralph Persson was having a peaceful wal with his dog & wife then all a bear jumoed out of no where!

Monday, May 25, 2015

                       Me & My Family

Hi, My Name Is Jessie, And This Is My Blog And I Hope You Enjoy All My Updates On My Blog. I Have A Cat Name Sirashgreygrey13 I Know Right, Funniest Name Ever!
My Mums Name Is Essie, My Dads Name Is John, My Sisters Names Are - Whitley, Bee, Cushla And A Step Sister Called Becky But I Only Live With Two Of My Sisters. 

                        My Hobbies 
I Love This Website Called MovieStarPlanet But people Just Call It MSP, It So 
Fun! I Also Love To Play Netball, It Is My Favorite Sport. I Also Love To Spend Time With My Family And Watch Movies While Eating Junk Food!
            Favorite Subjects At School  

My Favourite Subjects At School Are Writing, Handwriting And I Love To Do Kiwi Kid News. Literacy 5 Is My Favorite Though.

I Hope You Will Learn More About Me On My Updates.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

           What Is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy Is Like A Renewable Source Of Power. Solar And wind Are All Renewable Power Sources .

 How Do We Harness The Suns Energy

Thermal Users Get Heat ( Sunlight ) To Warm Water, Which Is Used To Heat Buildings.

What Are Photovoltaic Cells?
What Is A Semiconductor?

They Are Either Referring To Photovoltaic Cells Or Solar Cells. They Are Those Dark Panels You Can See On Solar Powered Devices E.G - Calculator And Satellites.
A Photovoltaic Cell Is A Thin Layer Of A Semiconductor Like Silicon Covered In Glass And Plastic. Photons Knock An Electron Loose Inside The Semiconductor, The Space Left By That Electron Gets Filled By Another Electron Close By. The Chain Creates A Flow.

 Drawbacks Of Using Solar Energy....

The Average Cell Is Only About 15 To 20 Percent . They Can Only Convert 15 To 20 Percent Of The Sunlight.

What Is A Concentrating Power Plant?

Some Cities Do Utilize Solar Energy, Using Concentrating Solar Power Plants.


Sun Energy Can Be Used To Power Nearly Anything!

                        Wind Energy

It May Seem Strange To Imagine Wind As A Source Of Power, But We've Been Constructing It For Thousands Of Years.

                          How It Works

They Are Mainly Used Just For Grain, Oats. So Mostly Just Used To Grind Grains.

                         Wind Farms

The First Windmills Were Used In Persia - In Todays Middle East Region - About 1, 500 Years Ago.

                   Renewable Energy

Modern Wind Turbines Are Strong, Sleek And Well Suited.

        Countries Using Wind Power

When Strong Winds Blow It Makes The Turbines Blow.

                  The Drawbacks

Inside The Turbine A Motor Converts The Movement In To Electricity. 


In Conclusion I Hope You Learnt More About Wind!